Michigan Fake Driver License


Information needed for your License .

  1. First Name *
  2. Middle Name (if available)
  3. Last Name *
  4. Gender *
  5. Driver’s License Category *
  6. Full Address (street address, State, Country, Zip code) *
  7. Date Of Birth *
  8. Upload Signature and half size passport photograph for your biometric registration.



Buy Michigan Fake Driver’s License

The following are some of the features included. Buy Michigan Fake Driver’s License. Michigan Driver’s License for sale, michigan fake ids, michigan fake id

The most recent DMV-approved ID design template from 2019 is used to create fake Michigan identification cards.

Teslin, a flexible printing medium.

Michigan Driver’s License for sale

Visual Characteristics:

The “Bridge,” one of Michigan’s most recognizable structures, is depicted at the top of the header in a blueish color.
At various angles, a tricolored rendition of “The Bridge” is revealed and hidden by the ID.
An actual id savant.

Features of an ID Card:

The state’s initials “MICH” are laser-perforated into the card stock to increase security. When the ID is backlit, you can read it.
Holograms: The official visitor’s image (OVI) on the front of a “MICHIGAN” license is identical to a genuine license.
The front is covered in microscopic waves of blue lines. pennsylvania driver’s license 

michigan fake ids

Atomic Radiation:

On the ID’s reverse side is the cardholder’s date of birth and a miniature portrait or ghost image of the cardholder that glows under Blacklight.
The “Great Seal of Michigan” on the front can be seen under a black light.

Is a Scan Done?

Yes, in addition to the magnetic stripe and 1D bar code, there is also a 2D QR code on the rear that may be scanned to verify the encoded information. Michigan fake id


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