Guatemala National Id Cards


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The “Cédula de Vecindad” was a little record book or archive that verified a person’s adult status in Guatemala. All relatives were given a “Cédula” starting with the assigned letter, followed by a string of numbers. The first letter of the Cédula changed according on where it was issued (Guatemala City A-1, Antigua B-2, Esquintla E-5, etc.). We provide the sales of high quality fake ids for sale. buy fake Guatemala Id. Guatemala Id Cards for sale, buy fake ids, buy id card

When dealing with the government or private businesses in Guatemala, the “DPI” (or “Personal Identification Document”) is the fundamental legal document required. The DPI provides everyone with a unique number between 1 and 13. A photo, certain personal details, and an electronic chip are all stored on a plastic card approximately the size of a Mastercard. A native of Guatemala is represented by a blue card, whereas a foreign resident is shown by a pink card. Florida driver’s license for sale

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Since RENAP’s (concentrated individual enlistment organisation). Enrollment drive took off in January 2009, DPIs have only been granted to adults, but they intend to begin providing IDs to minors as well.

Officials claimed the need for the new ID was necessitated by the prevalence of counterfeit cédulas throughout the 334 municipalities. Each of which had its own system for keeping track of the appropriate data. Counterfeit euro for sale

Over 8.3 million Guatemalans have gotten their DPI since the programme began in January 2009, according to Renap’s head.

To allow more Guatemalans time to apply for and obtain their DPI before the deadline, the expiration period of the card was extended from January 31, 2010 to August 25, 2013.

Guatemala Id Cards for sale

Many of the older, handwritten registration books have been replaced by the RENAP system. Therefore the process of obtaining a replacement birth certificate can take some time. Buy fake ids, buy id card




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