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Buy clone credit cards UK

Cards may display the real cardholder’s name, or they may be imitated with authentic card information but a false name that corresponds to other forms of ID the counterfeiter has. Buy clone credit cards UK with worldwide delivery. You can get clone cards for sale UK from us which can be used anywhere


Duplication frequently happens after another kind of credit card fraud, including card cloning or card skimming, in which the information from a real credit card is stolen by using a tool attached to an ATM or card payment machine to scan the magnetic strip during a legitimate transaction.

clone cards for sale UK

Alternately, and more frequently today, fraudsters can acquire a batch of credit card information from criminal organizations online, which they can use to make realistic-looking fake credit cards with real people’s identities on them.


If the source of the information is discovered to have connections to other significant crimes, these are serious crimes, and if you are being accused of card counterfeiting, you should immediately get legal counsel from an expert legal team.


At Draycott Browne, we have successfully defended customers against claims of duplicate card fraud for more than 20 years. No matter what time of day or night you are arrested, you can call our credit card fraud attorneys in Manchester for urgent assistance.


There are typically 100,000 occurrences of counterfeit credit cards, often known as duplicate credit cards.


According to UK Finance’s Fraud The Facts 2018 report, there were slightly under 85,000 documented occurrences of counterfeit card fraud in 2017, resulting in over £24 million in damages overall.


However, the overall issue is worse than those figures imply; in 2016, there were around 110,000 cases documented.


In addition to being used frequently in cardholder-not-present frauds to make payments online or over the phone without a duplicate card ever being created, counterfeit cards are just one technique to use unlawfully obtained card information.


The card itself, however, acts as an additional piece of physical evidence in situations involving duplicate cards, making it even more crucial to seek the correct legal counsel in order to successfully refute any claims that you created or used the fake card.

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