If you are a foreign resident living in Belgium, you may be eligible for a Belgian passport if you qualify for Belgian citizenship. Discover more about the Belgian passport requirements, renewal process, and more with this guide.


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If you are a non-Belgian citizen who lives in Belgium and meets the requirements to become a citizen of Belgium, you may be able to apply for a Belgian passport. Utilize this guide to learn more about the prerequisites for obtaining a Belgian passport, the procedure for renewing your passport, and other pertinent information. We offer the sales of high quality Belgian Passport for sale with worldwide delivery. You can buy Belgian Passport online from us which can be used anywhere

Since Belgium is a member of the EU and allows its citizens to hold more than one nationality, you will not be required to relinquish your first nationality unless your country of origin mandates that you do so. You will be able to move around freely within the EU if you have a Belgian passport. And it will also mean that you can go anywhere in the world as a citizen of the EU.

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The following categories of information are included in this guide to Belgian passports:

The advantages of possessing a passport from Belgium
Possibility of obtaining a passport
How to apply for a passport in the country of Belgium
Obtaining a new passport or updating an existing one
Prices for passports


The online version of the Belgian passport is a biometric passport that contains important personal information about the holder of the passport in the form of an electronic chip. Belgium was one of the first countries in the world to begin issuing electronic passports in 2004, and in 2014, the country began issuing its new biometric passport, which includes fingerprints. The regular passport is a booklet that is either 35 or 60 pages long and has a burgundy cover, similar to the hue of the booklets used for several European passports. On the primary page of the passport, the holder’s portrait, signature, significant personal information. And passport ID number will all be included.

In Belgium, passports can be obtained through the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs. The following kinds of passports are accessible to anyone traveling internationally:

Passports with biometric standards that are issued to all nationals.
Officials of the state and members of the royal family are eligible to receive diplomatic passports.
Service passports are given to civil personnel who are going to be performing official duties outside of the country.
Passport issued for a limited time in the event of an emergency. However, the validity of this green passport is just for the next six months.


Obtaining a passport after becoming a citizen of Belgium is completely voluntary. Despite the fact that all. Belgian citizens and permanent residents are given an electronic. ID card that allows them to travel to around 50 countries, including all of the EU. Having a Belgian passport gives you the ability to do the following:

During the period that your passport is still valid. You are free to leave and enter Belgium at will and are not subject to any limitations.
travel to 117 different countries without needing a visa if you have dual nationality (Belgian and EU), have dual nationality, and own two valid passports. If your home country allows dual nationality travel, you can travel as a Belgian as well as an EU citizen around the world. On the Passport Index, the Belgian passport comes in at position number sixteen worldwide.

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